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Original Print on your own shirt

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<span style='color:#009900;'>In stock, appr. 1-2 working days</span> In stock, appr. 1-2 working days (abroad may vary)
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    Put a print on your own shirt
    You habe bought an original jersey without print? Would you like to add a print? No problem! We are able to print all World Cup jerseys with original numbers and names. Wear the same jersey as the stars of your team, or let it print individually.
    Just give us the name and number, put it in the cart and go to the checkout.

    How is it working?

    Once you have purchased the print, you will receive an order confirmation.After you paied the invoice, you send the shirt to:

    sportglobe gmbh
    Stadtwald 1
    9400 Rorschach

    If the payment is confirmed , we print the shirt and send it back to you.

    Can my shirt be printed?

    We have numbers and nams of all jerseys from Adidas, Puma and Nike. (one exception is Zambia from Adidas ) . Even Iran ( Uhlsport ), Belgium ( Burrda Sport) , Honduras ( Joma ) and Ecuador (Marathon ) we have on stock.

    You are not sure if we can print your shirt?

    In that case just write a mail to before buying it. Here you get the information if a print is possible or not. But you also look for the shirt in our shop, and if we can print it there buying it new, we can also print yours.


    We will only print new, unworn and clean shirts! If the shirt is not in good condition, we will send it back without print.